Welcome to the joint project REHSTRAIN

Terrorist attacks on public transportation cause a growing potential for uncertainty amongst the passengers and reinforce the requirements for more security in public transportation, particularly in the field of high-speed train systems.

This means balancing the costs for potential security measures and security technologies and the resulting risk reduction.

As a detailed analysis is very complex due to the huge number of influencing factors, we devote ourselves to this task under the German-French joint project "REsilience of the Franco-German High Speed TRAIn Network" (REHSTRAIN).

REHSTRAIN contributes to the research topic “Research for Civil Security 2012 to 2017“, which has been listed in the publication of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) about promotion and research projects of the civil security – Critical Infrastructure Protection from 8. January 2014 and is funded by the BMBF.